The sun shines bright
in the sky all-day.
People are out and about,
having fun in the summer heat.

There's so much to do,
and not a moment to waste.
So get out and enjoy your dimes,
every last bit of this summertime!
The sun shines so bright,
it hurts my eyes.
I can't stand the heat.
I just want to hide.

But then I think of all the fun
I'll have at the pool,
and playing in the sand.
So I put on my sunscreen,
and I'm off to start a band!
That Summer Song

It's the time of year when the sun is shining bright
all day long, and the nights are short and sweet.

The smell of barbecue lingers in the air,
and everyone is out enjoying the heat.

There's something about summer that just feels right,
even when it's hot and sticky, we can't help but smile.

It's the time for picnics and days at the beach,
for playing in sprinklers and staying up late.

There's just something about summer that we can't resist,
and even though it comes and goes so quickly,
We hold onto those memories dearly.

Even though the days are shorter and the nights are long,
we still can't help but smile when we hear that summer song.
Summer Air Is Free

The birds are singing,
The sun is shining,
The leaves are turning,
And summer is here!

The days are getting longer,
The weather is getting warmer,
The flowers are blooming,
And summer air is free!