My Favorite Thing to Do

I teach English,
it's my favorite thing to do.

I love to see my students progress,
and watch them as they improve.

They start out timid and shy,
but soon they're speaking with ease.

Their confidence grows day by day,
and their language skills increase.
A Confused Look

There once was a teacher of English.
Her students would often give her a confused look
when she asked them to analyze a text.
They would rather be doing just about anything else...

But she persisted day after day,
helping her students to understand the way.

And though they may not have shown it,
they were grateful for her help and wit!
English Skill

Sometimes it's hard to teach.
And sometimes students don't reach.

But when they do, it's such a thrill
to see them learn and then apply English skill.

It can be frustrating, no denying that,
when lessons just don't seem to click.
But when students grasp the material at last
It's the best feeling, far far the best!

There are days when teaching is a breeze.
And everything goes as planned.
But there are also days when it's rough,
and you just have to hang on and be tough.

Some students are quick to learn,
while others take a bit more time.
But as long as you keep teaching with heart,
they'll eventually get it, that's just how smart!