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“I like your dedication,” Theresa says. “Today did everything it could to beat you down and you still made it here. I like that. I could use someone like you working for me.” Margaret can’t believe what she hears. “Of course, someone like you probably already has a nice job.”

“No,” Margaret practically shouts. “No, I don’t. I’m looking for one.”

“Well, you should call my secretary and arrange a meeting for us to talk about your future sometime next week.” Margaret grins as Theresa hands her a business card. Then, Theresa suddenly slips off her blazer and hold it out to Margaret. Margaret stares at it, confused. “Here, take this to cover up the stain.”

Margaret slips into Theresa’s blazer, feeling more powerful than ever as she imagines all the business deals Theresa has made while wearing it. She walks proudly back out the ballroom and takes a seat at the table. She talks to the people around her, but knows it doesn’t really matter. She’s already made the best business contact, all thanks to her perfect outfit…