The Present Progressive is a very common tense in English. You should understand it, and know it well.


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Present Progressive Rules

Here you can find tables with Present Progressive rules on:
positive sentences, negative sentences and questions.

Positive Sentences

Who?Form of verbExamples
I am + verb + ingI am reading now.
He/She/It is + verb + ingHe is reading now.
She is reading now.
It is reading now.
Youare + verb + ingYou are reading now.
We are + verb + ingWe are reading now.
They are + verb + ingThey are reading now.

Short forms:

  • I am => I’m
  • He is => He’s
  • She is => She’s
  • It is = It’s
  • You are = You’re
  • We are => We’re
  • They are => They’re

Negative Sentences

Who?Form of verbExamples
I am + not + verb + ingI am not reading now.
I’m not reading now.
He/She/It is + not + verb + ingHe is not reading now.
He isn’t reading now.
He’s not reading now.

She is not reading now.
She isn’t reading now.
She’s not reading now.

It is not reading now.
It isn’t reading now.
It’s not reading now.
You are + not + verb + ingYou are not reading now.
You aren’t reading now.
You’re not reading now.
We are + not + verb + ingWe are not reading now.
We aren’t reading now.
We’re not reading now.
They are + not + verb + ingThey are not reading now.
They aren’t reading now.
They’re not reading now.

Short forms:

  • is not => isn’t
  • are not = aren’t

Question Sentences

Who?Form of verbExamples
AmIverb + ingAm I reading now?
Ishe/she/itverb + ingIs he reading now?
Is she reading now?
Is it reading now?
Areyouverb + ingAre you reading now?
Areweverb + ingAre we reading now?
Aretheyverb + ingAre they reading now?