Tim is a young man who lives a very average life. He wakes up each morning, gets ready for his day, and goes to work. His job isn’t anything special, but it pays the bills and he enjoys it. Each night, he comes home and relaxes with his wife and their two dogs. They don’t have any children, but they’re content with their life the way it is.

One day, Tim’s wife comes home from work and tells him that she’s been offered a job in another city. She wants to take it, and Tim knows that he has to support her decision. They pack up their things and move to the new city.

Tim finds a job fairly quickly, but he hates it. He’s miserable all the time, and he just wants to return to their old home. His wife is happy with her new job, but she can see how unhappy Tim is. She tries to encourage him to find a hobby or make some new friends, but nothing seems to help. She even suggests moving back, but Tim insists that he wants to stay in the new city. He does not want to feel like he failed.

Finally, Tim finds something that brings him joy again. He joins a local basketball team and quickly becomes one of the best players. His wife is amazed at how happy he is now, and they both agree that moving was the best thing for their family. They’re happy in their new home and they wouldn’t change a thing.

Tim is so grateful that he never gave up and found a solution that benefited everyone.

The dogs are delighted too because in the new city they can go swimming in the local river, and play with the other dogs in the park. They have a wonderful life!


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