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Winter Story for Beginners in Easy English

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Oh, look. There is snow. It snows!
Does it really snow? Yes, it snows.
Is it a little snow?
No, it is not a little snow.
It is lots of snow.

Look at the houses and cars. Are they covered with snow?
Yes, they are covered with snow. There is lots of snow.

Is snow a good thing?
Some people like snow, and some people do not like snow.
Does Anna like snow?

Yes, Anna likes snow. She slides in a snow sled.
Does Henry like snow?
Yes, Henry likes snow. He slides in a snow sled with Anna.

Tim, Mark, and Ava slide in a big snow sled.

Do they like snow?
Yes, they like snow too.

Conrad has a sled. Does he slide in his sled?
Conrad has a sled, but he does not slide in it.
He carries presents on his sled.
He likes snow, and he likes to get presents.
He wears warm clothes.
Conrad has a coat, scarf, boots, and gloves. He has a hat too.

Richard and Mary play in the snow.
Richard throws snow at Mary.
Mary throws snow at Richard.

They wear warm clothes.
Mary wears a coat, scarf, boots, and gloves. She has earmuffs too.

Richard wears a coat, scarf, boots, and gloves. He has a hat.
They like the snow. They laugh and have fun.
James, his daughter Kelly, and son Mason like snow.
They ski on the snow.

Do they wear summer clothes?
No, they wear warm, winter clothes.
Do Kelly and Mason have earmuffs?
Yes, Kelly and Mason have earmuffs to keep their ears warm.
Does James have earmuffs?
No, James does not have earmuffs. He has a hat.

Carly and Mat like snow. They build a snowman.
Carly and Mat have warm clothes, and the snowman has warm clothes too.
The snowman wears a hat and a scarf.
Does he have earmuffs?
No, he does not have earmuffs. But he has a big hat.

Abby and Collin like snow. They hike in the snow.
Does Abby have a map?
No, Abby does not have a map.
Does Collin have a map?
Yes, Collin has a map.
Abby and Collin use the map when they hike.
They like to hike in the winter.

Joe does not like winter, and he does not like the snow.
Does he wear warm clothes?
Yes, he wears warm clothes, but he is cold.

And he does not want to go outside.
Everywhere he looks there is snow!

Even on his windows there is snow.
Joe does not like the snow.
He brushes the snow off his windows.
He thinks snow is not a good thing.
Who knows what can happen when it snows?

It is much better to have rain.
So Joe prefers rain over snow.

Now Joe shovels snow.
At first, he shovels snow on his own.

But then he gets some help.
They all shovel snow together.
They like winter. They like snow.
They do not mind to shovel snow.

Then Joe decides to go.
He puts on his warm, winter clothes.
He has a coat, scarf, boots, gloves, and a hat.
Does he take his earmuffs?
No, Joe decides not to take his earmuffs.

Joe climbs a mountain in the snow.
Does he like it?
Yes, he likes the fresh air. He likes the view too.

Then Joe meets his friend Emily.
Joe and Emily hike together.
Do they hike for a long time?
No, they do not hike for a long time.

They hike for a short time. Then they meet their friend Hector and his wife Jess.
Hector likes to fish. But the river is frozen.
So Hector makes a hole in the frozen river.
Does he make lots of noise?
No, he doesn’t make lots of noise.
Hector sits and waits quietly.

Joe and Trevor join Hector and Jess. They are good friends.
They make holes in the frozen lake, and now they all sit and wait quietly.
They can see Samantha fishes too.
But she is far away.
Samantha likes to fish by herself.
She makes a hole in the frozen lake, and she sits and waits quietly.

It is a calm afternoon.
Everything is covered with snow.
Is the school open?
No, the school is not open.
It is closed.

Where is everybody?
Everybody is outside.

Some slide on the snow.
Some ski on the snow.

Some play in the snow.

Some make snowmen.
Some skate on the frozen lake.

Some make holes in the lake and fish.
Some buy many presents.

And some play golf.
Oh, wait, that’s for the summer!