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It’s no secret that adjectives are an important part of the English language. They add color and description to words and help us better express ourselves. In addition, they can be a lot of fun!

This classroom activity is designed to help students test their knowledge of common adjectives and listen to correct pronunciation (an American accent is used).

Class Activity

IMPORTANT: If you are studying alone, you can also use this lesson successfully simply by following the steps 🙂

Step 1: Ask your students to write down 3 adjectives that start with the letter “A”.

Step 2: Watch the video:

Step 3: Ask your students to pick a few adjectives and write several funny or unexpected example sentences. The more ridiculous the sentences, the better!

(Students can do this in groups or by themselves, and then share with the rest of the class.)

Step 4: (if possible) Ask your students to complete the exercises on this page to test their understanding and provide further practice. They should repeat the exercises until they get a perfect score! 💯


You finished the lesson! Good job! ☺️

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