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You can purchase a one-year subscription and get access to everything in the course. The price you see is for one full year of access.

After a year, if you decide to do so, you can extend your subscription for another year at a major discount.

You can do our interactive courses on any device: PC (Windows), Mac (OS X), desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. In short, any device that supports a web browser.

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If you prefer, instead of buying individual courses, you can purchase our Full Access Membership, and get a one-year access to all current courses and future courses.

No, only you can renew your subscription.

After a year, you will need to actively renew your subscription.

You can use our interactive courses on any device: PC (Windows), Mac (OS X), desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. In short, any device that supports a web browser.

Courses have reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, exercises, quizzes, and games.

Yes. We use one of the most advanced text-to-speech conversion methods, which simulates natural American English voice reading. The speech you will hear is rich and lifelike, and you can pause and resume at any time.

In all our courses, we make sure the resources are step-by-step, focused, and as simple as possible for the given level.

We aim for the student to achieve:

  1. A basic and full understanding of the subject, and why it is important.
  2. High confidence by comfortably using the new grammar or vocabulary enough times, in a fun way.

We avoid overwhelming students with overly difficult texts and advanced grammar structures (unless they are at that level). For example, for an elementary-level student, figuring out tenses like the past perfect and the future progressive is definitely not a top priority and should be postponed until a later stage.

The courses use useful everyday vocabulary, and the important words are repeated throughout the stories and different activities. This is a key factor in improving vocabulary.

In addition, the stories are either fun and amusing, or romantic\/suspenseful. They mostly describe situations from everyday life and this serves as a great encouragement to continue reading.

Finally, the exercises and fun activities further practice new vocabulary words, grammar, sentence construction, comprehension, etc. All these combined are a great study and motivation booster. They can be used by the student to self-study or as a complete lesson plan for the teacher.

If you want to help your students\/yourself, then our interactive courses are vital tools that can save you countless hours of searching on the internet, figuring out the best method, or preparing the materials yourself.

Yes, you can see free samples on our blog. In addition, when making a purchase, you are fully protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

We use American English, in both spelling and narration accent.

We offer direct email support. You can contact us here: Contact Us.

No, printing courses is not available. Our courses are meant to be used as interactive tools, which include reading, listening, and interactive activities.

Yes, an Internet connection is required to take the courses.

It is recommended you use a wired internet connection (such as cable internet) as opposed to a wireless connection (such as Wi-Fi or mobile phone connection). This way, the internet connection tends to be faster and more stable.

Our courses work well with both options, but with a wired connection, you may have a better user experience, as with any website.

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Yes, you get a risk-free product. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Let us know within 30 days, and we will disable your service and give you a full refund. We will however ask what didn’t work for you so that we can learn and improve.