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  • level: Intermediate
  • step-by-step explanations in simple English
  • basic principles and grammar rules
  • audio included
  • interactive exercises, games, and activities
  • 1 full year access


First, let’s start with a short overview of what this course will cover:

  • What is a TENSE?
  • Why do you need to know English verb tenses?
  • The simple way to understand English verb tenses
  • What is the secret to choosing the right tense when facing several different options?
  • What are the two most important questions you must ask yourself before deciding which tense to use?
  • How tenses are used in everyday English
  • Important frequently asked questions about the English verb tenses
  • Many different examples and exercises
  • Practice, practice, and then some more practice
  • A final test
  • Fully illustrated
  • Full audio (read aloud)

This course is NOT for absolute beginners taking their first steps and learning English tenses fort the first time.

This course is for learners or teachers who are familiar with the English tenses, but still have confusion on this subject, and would like to fully understand them and use them more naturally, and without over-thinking.

English tenses have their own logic, which may be different from the learner’s native language. If you are a teacher or a learner and have some confusion or uncertainty on tenses, this course can help you clear them up and feel good about this important topic.

You will understand why we need 12 tenses in English, and what are the actual differences between them. For example, what is the difference between the simple present tense and the present perfect tense? And why do we need both?

You can listen to the stories and explanations. We use one of the most advanced text-to-speech conversion methods, which simulate natural American English voice reading. The speech you will hear is rich and lifelike, and you can pause and resume at any time.

So let’s jump right in…

Course Content

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The Basics of Tenses
The Simple Tenses