Interactive Audio Storybook for English Learners

Labor Day Storybook

Would you like to improve your English fluency, but you find most textbooks boring and hard to understand? Are you struggling to find the right words when speaking or writing in English?

Or are you an English teacher and would like to help students achieve greater confidence in expressing their thoughts in English?

Many people may never reach their fluency goals because they get bored using traditional learning methods. It’s just not fun to read dry grammar explanations or vocabulary lists.

That’s why we at Really Learn English are excited to share with you our new interactive audio storybook for English learners!

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Labor Day screenshot
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We’re happy to announce our Labor Day Week special 🔥📘

For a limited time, when you buy our online courses, you’ll get access to a free interactive storybook called “Labor Day: The Last Day of Summer”.

This touching story is about Riley and her brother’s best friend Peter.

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It’s a fun and useful way to improve your English fluency while also enjoying a heartwarming story.

The new storybook “Labor Day: The Last Day of Summer” offers a great combination of interest and learning for a perfect English lesson.

The story is easy to read and listen to. Plus, each chapter comes with vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension quizzes. Everything is done interactively, with the push of a button.

This makes it super easy for students to test themselves and practice new words and grammar structures as they read.

Teachers can use the storybook in the classroom or with private students to supplement their regular lessons. 

Story Plot

The storybook “Labor Day: The Last Day of Summer”, follows Riley, and her brother’s best friend Peter, from their childhood and through their college. 

The text is easy to understand, and just the right length for English learners. (not too long, and not too short).

So let’s summarize:

  • Learn English in a fun and interesting way.
  • Improve English fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills.
  • Enjoy an engaging story with beautiful illustrations.
  • Join the main characters as they experience the power of true friendship and love
  • Then choose from 3 alternate endings!

“Labor Day: The Last Day of Summer” is the perfect way to end the summer break.

Available as a free bonus only until the end of this week!

Hurry Up! Purchase the Full Access Membership by September 9, 2022 to get the bonus interactive storybook“Labor Day: The Last Day of Summer”.

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