Advanced English Writing Techniques


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A well-known saying from 1839 says “The pen is mightier than the sword”. It means to say that writing can affect people more than weapons. It can help create a good impression or the desired result for you. So let’s improve your writing skills!

In this course we go beyond the basics and teach how to take your writing to the next level.

  • How can you make your English writing stand out?
  • Some of the best English writing techniques.
  • Improve your writing and make it clearer and more interesting.

Some techniques we will cover:

  • How to avoid unnecessary words?
  • How to write to the point?
  • How to avoid monotonous (boring and repeating) writing?
  • How to make your writing more “colorful”?
  • How can you use different types of sentences for different kinds of readers?
  • When should and shouldn’t you use phrasal verbs (calm down, get up, etc.)?
  • Effective ways to emphasize the most important points in your writing.
  • What makes a piece of writing sound natural to a native?
  • Making your writing more efficient: how can you say more with less words?
  • How to check yourself to end up with an error-free text?