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How good is your writing? Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced writer?

We made a short quiz for you. Use it to see if you can avoid some common mistakes ✍🏻

After the Quiz

How well did you do? πŸ™‚

Please note that this quiz does not assess your ability to write clearly, effectively, quickly, or in an interesting way. These qualities are important too, right? Sometimes it’s not enough to have an error-free text. It should also be clear, to the point, and interesting to read.

Improve Your Writing

Now let’s take your writing to the next level. Learn how to write texts which are error-free, interesting, clear, and to the point. Get our Full Access Membership, which includes 3 new writing courses:

For Beginners

Basic help with writing for beginners/lower intermediate learners

For Intermediate Learners

Many useful tips and advice based on actual common mistakes ESL writers make

For Advanced Learners

Advanced topics for advanced ESL writers

You can get all 3 courses as part of the Full Access Membership. It is suitable for teachers, learners, and homeschooling parents.