Video, English Short Story, Activities, Exercises (Free Sample Lesson)

Lesson Table of Contents

  1. Before Watching the Video: Activities
  2. Watch the Video of the Story: The Girl Who Lived with Gazelles
  3. Story Text + Audio: The Girl Who Lived with Gazelles
  4. After Watching the Video: Vocabulary Questions
  5. Grammar Questions
  6. Comprehension Questions
  7. Flashcard Activity

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A. Before Watching the Video: Activities

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B. Watch the video of the story: The Girl Who Lived with Gazelles

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C. Story Text + Audio: The Girl Who Lived with Gazelles

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There was once a young girl who lived with her father in the city.

The father went away on a business trip. When he came back, the city’s priest, who was a bad man, told him an evil lie about the girl. Though the lie was not true, the father believed the priest, and the girl was banished to the desert. “Banished” means sent away forever.

In the desert, the girl was adopted by a herd of gazelles. A “herd” is a large group of animals that live together. She lived with the gazelles for many years.

One day, a handsome prince came by and saw the girl. The two fell in love and got married. They were very happy together. Together, they had a son.

However, the prince’s advisor was jealous of the love between the prince and the girl. Because of this, he stole the baby. The girl was so upset and frightened that she ran away to a village nearby. There she wore a man’s clothes and found work.

Many years later, the village was holding a hunting competition. The girl’s father, the priest, the prince, and the advisor were all there. The girl recognized them, but they did not recognize her.

At the competition, the girl stood up and told her life story to the crowd.

Everyone immediately recognized her. They understood she was telling the truth! The girl, the prince, and her father were all happily reunited. The priest and advisor were banished to prison.

They soon learned that the son who had been stolen was actually living in the village. The girl and her husband, the prince, were then reunited with their son.

The prince was so happy that he passed a law that said that hunters could not hunt gazelles. From that day on, the gazelles were protected from harm.

The End

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C. After Watching the Video: Vocabulary Questions

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D. Grammar Questions

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E. Comprehension Questions

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F. Flashcard Activity

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