(All verbs are in bold.)

Philip works in a bank. It is 9 a.m. and he wears a shirt and a tie. He sits at his desk. He looks at his computer screen. He holds his pen and he thinks about his work.

Philip thinks about his work and how he can improve it. He looks at his computer screen and tries to find ways to become more efficient. He also thinks about how he can better serve his customers. He always looks for ways to improve his work and become more successful.

At 10 a.m., Philip takes a break from his work to get up and make himself a cup of coffee. He returns to his desk to drink it while he continues to think about his work. He continually thinks of new approaches to improve the quality and quantity of his work.

He works on his computer for over an hour. He always considers new solutions that might make his work better. He wants to be the best banker in the world!

At noon, he takes a break. He gets up from his desk. He walks to the cafeteria.

He buys himself a sandwich and a drink. He returns to his desk to eat his lunch. He gives his work a lot of thought.

He keeps working at his computer. He always thinks of ways to get better at what he does. He wants to be the world’s greatest banker!

At 5 p.m., he finishes his work for the day. He gets up from his desk. He says goodbye to all his colleagues. He walks to the elevator. He pushes the button. He drives home.

Philip feels like he works so hard the entire day! And he thinks so hard! He thinks all the time! But he only helped two or three people today… Is it possible that he needs to think less and work more? He’ll have to think about that tomorrow…


How was your day today? Did you get a lot done? Or were you just so busy thinking about everything
that you didn’t get much accomplished? We’ve all been there before. We can all relate to Philip.

This can also happen when learning English. The best solution is to study English in a step-by-step approach that is both interesting and fun. Our eBooks for English learners are ideal for that! Give them a try.

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