This fun, informative video explains the power of similes and how to use them effectively in your writing. Examples are given to help you see how this method can make your work more interesting and fun. After watching this video, you’ll be ready to start using similes in your own writing!

Video Transcript

This is a video lesson by Really Learn English. 

We’ll learn about a method called “similes”, which is mostly used in writing.

Watch carefully, follow the activity, and then complete the interactive exercise on our website.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

A simile is a phrase that compares something to something else. 

It uses the words like and as.

Let’s look at some examples of similes.

“eat like a pig”

“sleep like a baby”

“as cute as a kitten”

“as white as snow”

The word, “simile” itself comes from the Latin word “similis”, which means “like”.

Reasons to use similes:

1. For Comparison

Example: “She felt as light as a feather.”

2. For Emphasis

Example: “The sun was as hot as fire.”

3. For Humor

Example: “Without his glasses, he is as blind as a bat.”

4. To Make Something Clear or Easy to Understand

Example: “The room was as dark as night.”

5. To Say Something in a New Way

Example: “He felt as lonely as the moon.”

6. To Help the Reader or Listener Form a Picture in Their Mind

Example: “You look as though you lost your best friend.”

7. To Make Something Interesting and Descriptive

Example: “He runs like a cheetah.”

Got that? Good! Now let’s practice!

Make the following sentences more interesting (but in a way that will make sense to your readers or listeners):

Text Version of Exercise

1. He is as tall as a _____________ (bat / cat / tree).

ANSWER: He is as tall as a tree.

2. Her hair was as black as _____________ (bat / cat / building).

ANSWER: Her hair was as black as coal.

3. He was as quiet as a _____________ (dog / radio / mouse).

ANSWER: He was as quiet as a mouse.

4. You are as strong as an _____________ (ox / orange / umbrella).

ANSWER: You are as strong as an ox.

5. She smells like a _____________ (wall / moon / rose).

ANSWER: She smells like a rose.

6. They sing like _____________ (angels / books / tables).

ANSWER: They sing like angels.

7. Tonight I’ll sleep like a _____________ (doctor / rice / baby).

ANSWER: Tonight I’ll sleep like a baby.

End of Practice

Well done for completing this video lesson!

Your next step is to complete the interactive exercise on the Really Learn English website.

Click the link in the description (or near this video) to go there.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you, in the next video.

You finished the lesson! Good job! ☺️

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