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This means that even when we add 20 more courses (for example), you do not need to pay any extra. However, if you wait and then decide to purchase, you may need to pay a more expensive membership price.

  • Reading: simple, intermediate, and advanced English reading.​
  • Listening: practice your English listening skills with our top quality generated audio files.
  • Interactive: do step-by-step interactive exercises and quizzes to drill and test your understanding.
  • Games: play interactive fun games to improve English skills even further.

Get Lessons Which Are Educational, Challenging, and Fun

  • New and interesting ways to cover grammar concepts
  • Clear grammar explanations, examples, exercises, until you truly understand the grammar inside and out, backwards and forwards
  • Solve any confusions you may have on grammar
  • Simple and funny stories

Are You a Teacher? 

  • Save preparation time: our courses get students thinking and provide a nice basis for tutoring sessions
  • Students love the stories, especially when they have a surprise ending, our stories are fun!
  • Students become very good listeners, so they can answer questions correctly
  • Students have much more confidence in their reading and pronunciation
  • Use as lesson plans with reading and listening/speaking practice
  • Tutors and teachers, make your work a whole lot easier, save time and energy: use these well organized lessons
  • Get fantastic results