Inspirational Life Stories in Simple English: “The Lady with the Lamp” (Florence Nightingale)


An interactive book for English learners. Purchase once and share with your students.

  • 12 chapters of illustrated reading practice: the fascinating life story of Florence Nightingale (the world’s greatest nurse).
  • Interactive comprehension questions for every chapter.
  • Instant feedback.

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An interactive book for English learners. Purchase once and share with your students.

What’s Included?

  • 12 chapters of illustrated reading practice on the fascinating life story of the world’s greatest nurse, Florence Nightingale.
  • In addition, interactive comprehension questions at the end of every chapter.

In this online interactive book, you will learn all about Florence’s amazing life, from her childhood to her adventures during the war. You will also discover how her hard work and dedication made a big difference in the world.


Teachers, are you looking for an inspiring and educational read for your students? Look no further than our “Inspirational Life Stories in Simple English” series, featuring the fascinating story of Florence Nightingale, “The Lady with the Lamp”.

This book is perfect for teachers who want to share the inspiring story of Florence Nightingale with their students in a fun and engaging way. Our book is written in simple English, so it’s easy for your students to understand and follow along. Plus, it has fun facts and illustrations to keep your students engaged and excited to learn more.

In this exciting book, your students will join Florence Nightingale on her incredible journey. With her bravery and determination, Florence showed that anyone can make a difference, no matter the circumstances.

But this book is not just educational, it’s also FUN. Your students won’t want to stop once they start reading. Don’t miss the chance to inspire your students with the story of a real-life hero.

  • Written in simple English for easy comprehension and engagement.
  • Fun illustrations to keep students entertained and interested.
  • Introduces the inspiring story of Florence Nightingale, a real-life hero, and pioneer.
  • Great educational resource for teaching about history, health, and social change.
  • Encourages students to be brave, compassionate, and determined, and show them that anyone can make a difference.
  • Perfect for use in the classroom, as a read-aloud, or for independent reading.
  • Promotes critical thinking and encourages discussion among students.
  • Improves reading comprehension skills.
  • Makes learning fun and enjoyable for students.

Read the story of Florence Nightingale and her incredible journey to change the world forever.

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