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    Full access to ALL our courses for a full year, including any new courses made available. List of Courses: English Reading Practice and Activities English Verb Tenses Made Simple Easy English Short Stories Love Stories for Learners in Simpler English Common Preposition Mistakes: On or In? Phrasal Verbs with “Look” The Writing Series: How to…

  • advanced English writing techniques

    Advanced English Writing Techniques


    A well-known saying from 1839 says “The pen is mightier than the sword”. It means to say that writing can affect people more than weapons. It can help create a good impression or the desired result for you. So let’s improve your writing skills! In this course we go beyond the basics and teach how…

  • how to write correct sentences in English

    How to Write Correct Sentences in English


    Do you sometimes feel confused about your writing? Which one is the right word, and in which order? Get a Stable Grammar Basis and Increase Your Confidence in Writing Improve your own English writing, or help your students to write correctly. Simple explanations in simple English, for maximum results.

  • better English writing

    Better English Writing


    level: Intermediate improve writing and avoid common mistakes practice grammar and vocabulary in context 1 full year access for paid members

  • common preposition mistakes: on or in?

    Common Preposition Mistakes: On or In?


    level: Beginners fully understand IN and ON correct usage practice grammar and vocabulary while reading audio included interactive exercises, games, and activities 1 full year access for paid members

  • English verb tenses made simple course

    English Verb Tenses Made Simple


    Do you want to speak and write fluently, without stopping to think about what is the correct tense to use? Do you sometimes hesitate, unsure of which verb form you should use now? Then this course is for you!

  • English reading practice

    English Reading Practice and Activities


    English reading practice is highly important if you want to improve your English reading skills. This course includes articles and activities on different subjects for you to read and listen to. They practice English grammar and vocabulary, and increase your knowledge of history and the world. This course includes: level: Beginners practice grammar and vocabulary…

  • phrasal verbs with "look"

    Phrasal Verbs with “Look”


    This fun short course teaches common phrasal verbs with “look” in an easy, step-by-step approach. This course includes: audio rules definitions a summary table interactive exercises, activities, and games to practice the phrasal verbs A specially designed story to practice these phrasal verbs

  • easy English short stories

    Easy English Short Stories


    This course includes many fun short stories for English learners at the Beginners level.

  • love stories for English learners

    Love Stories for Learners in Simpler English


    In this course, you can find beautiful stories in simple English. Learn English using fun, interesting stories about life and love. Read, listen, practice, play games, and test yourself.